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This server automatically creates AVI movies when it detects motion in a possum box. This page allows you to download these movies. Simply select the box(es) and range of dates you are interested in above, click "Show Files", and you'll get a listing of the movies available, with links to the AVI files. Before rushing off to download a whole heap of movies, bear in mind that this page is mainly intended for personal use via the local network and isn't really suitable for public consumption. There are two main reasons for this:

You are still welcome to download whatever you want, but the above two facts mean that you could spend a great deal of time for very little profit if you're not careful.

Normally, I will view these movies locally and if I find anything unusual, I will add a brief comment indicating this. If there's something of special interest, I will edit the movie (if appropriate) and load it to the "highlights" page.

A few other comments: